"Sonya Is Good"

Sofya Alexandrovna Rostova, known almost always as Sonya, is Natasha's best friend and would do anything to keep her in good standing, even if it puts their friendship in jeopardy. She is humanized bread but also a sweet babey who deserves everything in this world.

She doesn´t throw a marble table at her wife so she gets an extra point! Yay for Sonya!

She sings a sad song after bringing her concerns about Anatole up to Natasha and Natasha screams at her and says she is her enemy. Poor Sonya. This song is known as Sonya Alonya.

Sonya is perfection and both Natalya Rostova Sr. and Leo Tolstoy himself can personally fistfight me if they want to argue. Yes this is a threat.

In War & Peace, Sonya is "in love" with Nikolai Rostov. He's her cousin so that's great and normal. Near the end of the novel, Sonya lets Nikolai "marry" Princess Mary instead of her, but because Sonya supposedly lives with them for the rest of her life we know that Nikolai is gay and Mary/Sonya is canon.

She probably has iron deficiency, idk I just think she does

she's also a cat according to Tolstoy

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Brittain Ashford as Sonya Rostova (image raz of tri)


Brittain Alford as Sonya Rostova


Brittain Ashford as Sonya Rostova (image dva of tri)


Brittain Ashford as Sonya Rostova (image tri of tri)


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